Broken and Brightly Lit


This is a fire log.  I tried three times to light a similar one today with rather sad results.  It didn’t respond particularly well to the matches, even though I had precisely followed the directions on the package.  “Lights fully in less than five minutes!” the package boasted.  “Beautiful fire lasting for three whole hours!”  Despite these words across the brightly colored packaging, this self aggrandizement wasn’t worth much when the flame was actually introduced.  A tiny corner lit and took the paper around the log but only a small portion of the log caught fire while most of the upper chamber simply smoldered and smoked.

Now, I’m not typically a fan of the fire logs.  I much prefer the look, smell and feel of a hand-built fire filled with heart and substance.  Yet, we have several of these logs that were offered as a gift, and they do come in handy when company comes and we want a little extra something in the background to welcome them.

Such was the case today as I tried to ignite the log of choice.  While company was here, a very small corner of the fire log was flickering in the background.  When we had time to tend it, we brought some paper to light underneath it.  There was a burst of light and it seemed that it was catching fine.  Then the smoldering returned with very little heat and light.  My husband eventually tossed half of a newspaper on the log which caught immediately and offered brilliant light and warmth.  It was enough to break the fire log completely in half.  Suddenly the whole room was thoroughly heated!  As you can see, we had a lovely fire to curl up by.  Our kitties came running and snuggled into our laps as we relaxed in Fire’s warm glow.


Fire’s teaching today is a reminder of the teaching I received about a month ago while sitting at the edge of the fire pit in the backyard of some of my dear friends.  I sit with Fire once a week, listening with my heart and watching the dance of the flame.  It is often amazing what wisdom is revealed in these sessions with Fire.

There are times in our lives when we, like the log, are broken open.  In these times, the Fire within has the opportunity to stretch and dance, bringing forth passion, light, wisdom and peace.  It is not our own doing, but the movements of the Beloved that makes this happen.  We are all simply wood somewhere in the process of transformation.

Are you at a time in your life where you are feeling broken?  Take heart, dear friend!  Fire’s passion, delight and dancing may be just around the corner.  May the Light of Beloved shine brightly among us and remind our hearts of the Ancient Song that brings healing, hope and peace.

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