Calming Shoulder Massage

You Might want a Massage to:

Increase your focus and mental clarity
Reduce your anxiety
Release physical and emotional effects of stress
Facilitate your emotional fluidity
Encourage your body to heal itself
Improve the function of your immune response
Lower your blood pressure and heart rate
Enhance your tissue repair
Reduce your scar formation
Improve your connective tissue health
Increase your range of motion and joint flexibility

The health of your whole being – body, mind and spirit – is improved through massage.

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 Swedish Massage — $80 for 1 Hour / $105 for 90 Minutes
Shiatsu Massage — $80 for 1 Hour / $105 for 90 Minutes
When you Need a Little Support — $45 for 30 Minutes

I offer several healing modalities for your holistic, compassionate care.  

Pricing above is the Service Fee for individual therapy sessions Paid at the Time of Service.  

If you are in need of Medically Necessary Massage – sessions are billed to your insurance provider according to the Worker’s Comp Fee Schedule.

Please visit the insurance page linked to above for more information.


 Ask me for details when booking your sessions.

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Modalities and Pricing
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