The Softer Notes of Massage

A Note about Pain

Whether you feel any pain during the session depends on many factors.  It is never my intention to cause pain.  Tense muscles are often sore and may hurt a little when massaged.  Sometimes physical pain, especially if it is prolonged, is an indication that emotional or spiritual trauma is being stored in a particular part of your body.

As a Reiki Practitioner and a Spiritual Counselor, I may be led to an area of your body that you were not aware was holding these traumas.  My intention is to bring awareness, healing and balance.  Sometimes painful memories or experiences may arise during your Massage or Reiki Session.  We can always pause the session or draw it to a close if this is the case.  Please discuss any concerns with me before the our time together, and give me feedback during your session.

Sometimes there is a delayed soreness after a massage.  This can be likened to the feeling after a good work-out and will usually dissipate within a day or two.  Taking a hot shower or bath and drinking plenty of water after your massage will help to remove waste products that are flushed out during your massage.


Conversation between therapist and client is under strict confidentiality.  Except in cases where reporting is mandatory by law, our conversation and your health history will not be shared with anyone unless I am explicitly given permission by you to do so.  An example of when information may be shared is to coordinate care with your other healthcare professionals with your written permission.

A Note about Energy and Spirit

Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC offers Massage Therapy, Reiki Sessions, Spiritual Counsel sessions and Community Circles around Fire or with Drumming.  Each is a distinct, yet complimentary service for holistic health and wellness.  The movement of energy and spirit are essential to my holistic practice.

Since I am a Reiki practitioner, you may notice a warmth or relaxing sensation when my hands linger around an area that seems to be needing a little extra attention.  Please let me know if you have any aversion to this technique being used.  I often incorporate Reiki into the opening or closing of my massage sessions to aid in relaxation and release of physical or emotional tension.  Please ask any questions or feel free to discuss what you notice during these times.

This is Your Body, Your Spirit and Your Time

Thank you for inviting me to partner with you in your holistic care!  During our time together, please help me to be aware of your needs.  Please let me know if any part of our work together makes you feel uncomfortable or if you find that a certain area of body or spirit is in need of a little more attention or a little less.

Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Counsel can be very helpful in giving us the ability to express our needs.  You are always encouraged to express yourself in the safe environment of my healing space.  I am here to partner with you along your journey towards wellness of body, mind and spirit.  Let us work together to re-discover our harmony in the Song of the Dancing Heart!

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