Shiatsu Massage

Bladder Channel Presses

60-Minute Shiatsu Massage: $80

This is a clothing-on Eastern massage modality condensed and tailored to suit your needs.  Rocking, gentle stretching and pressing along the energy meridians brings calm, relaxation and peace.  As with Western-style massage, the amount of pressure and stretch is tailored to your needs.  Rediscover how wonderful it is to allow a trustworthy person to care for you during this shorter session of Shiatsu.

90 Minute Shiatsu Massage: $105
This full-length session of the short form Shiatsu kata restores balance and harmony to your Qi or Life Force.  Taking time to breathe deeply and allow your body to be rocked and pressed along the meridian channels helps your whole body feel relaxed and peaceful.  When we enter into a state of relaxation, our bodies are free to focus attention on healing and restoration of balance and harmony.


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