Healing Grief Holistically

Our Healing JourneyHere, the hands-on healing modalities of Massage and Reiki are offered along with Spiritual Counsel and Community Circles.  Holistic Care – of body, mind and spirit – is at the heart of Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC. Through each of these healing methods, and their blending in holistic care, we can heal old wounds.  One that I am particularly skilled at working with is the wound of grief.

I work with people of many ages and stages.  Throughout my professional career, I have cared for the very young, the elderly and everyone in-between.  I offer guidance for people of any age who are facing transitions in life, walking through grief or who are experiencing loss.  This can be of a job, relationship or sense of self, but also applies to many kinds of loss or having feelings of being “troubled in spirit”.

Many stages of life bring us to places of uncertainty, feelings of chaos and confusion about our calling.  One of the most profound catalysts for self-reflection is the loss of someone special in our lives (through death, separation, divorce or moving).  The grief that surrounds such events brings us to introspection and pondering of our own purpose.  During these times, it can be especially beneficial to sit with someone who can bring us a grounded perspective and guidance from Spirit.

I have found that the most effective Spiritual Counsel also has a hands-on healing modality of one kind or another.  In my practice, the release of somatized emotions (the grief and trauma that stores in our bodies) is facilitated by the skilled application of Massage or Reiki.

Many Ages, Many Stages:

I work with people of many age groups.  I have a special fondness for working with Elders, people with Medical Complexities and people nearing the End of Life.  I offer a Gentle Touch and Compassionate Presence.

Compassionate Care for People:

Living with Cancer
Living with Fibromyalgia
Looking to alleviate side-effects of Cancer Treatments
In the Cycles of Grief
Recovering from Surgery or difficult Medical Treatments
Caring for a Loved One
Preparing to transition into the Next Life.

How May I Help You Today?

Our healing journey together begins with you.
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