Holistic Healing and Wellness

I’m not afraid to “get my hands dirty”.  Connecting with the natural world through gardening, dancing in the rain, sitting around the fire and hiking in the woods are each part of my own pursuit of holistic healing and wellness.  I spend time in nature to renew and to bask in the wisdom of the natural world.  I encourage all of my receivers to do the same.

As I receive from the natural world, I also am able to give.  Holistic Healing is important to me.  That is why Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC offers Massage Therapy, Reiki Sessions, Spiritual Counsel and Community Circles around Fire or with Drumming.  Each is a distinct, yet complimentary service for holistic health and wellness.

It is my joy and honor to partner with you along your healing journey!

You may choose to receive Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Sound Bath, or Spiritual Counsel.  Or you may wish to join us for Community Circles around the Fire or with Drumming.  Any blend of the above can be beneficial at different times along your journey.  Please feel free to contact me for more information about any of the services provided by Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC.