Many Ways to Heal

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There are many ways to be wounded, and many ways to heal.  My methodology and praxis are deeply rooted in holistic care of body, mind and spirit.  This includes improving personal wellness as well as exploring ways to connect this healing into our bio-psycho-social-natural sphere of existence.  Care for the individual is only part of the picture, yet I do believe the old saying that “Nations are healed because people are healed”.

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When we do intentional work together, we send out vibrations into our relational life.  Our perceptions of ourselves, our views of other people and our views of the natural world are all impacted by our physical and emotional health.  The reverse is also true.  We are part of the whole, so tending to our healing is an investment in the Greater Picture of Whole-Health.  This is why I try to work with the whole person – body, mind and spirit, whenever I can.


I am delighted to work with you to rekindle your Inner Fire and remember your Heart’s Song!  I help children, elders and people of all ages to receive healing, hope and balance through my holistic care offerings.  How is your heart today?  How is your body? When your body can no longer dance, my work is designed to help your heart’s song continue – until your final breath and beyond.

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Massage, Reiki and Guided Release Techniques benefit the individual.  Spiritual Counsel, Community Circles and Compassionate Hospice Care aids with relational, psyco-social wellness, and connecting with the natural world.  All of these modalities bring healing and release, and all are offered in my practice and daily living.

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Healing can often be found or multiplied through our social connections.  That is why I offer Community-Building Activities where we gather around the Fire, other circles where we play Drums and Dance, and Small Group Healing through Gong Meditation and Singing Bowl Sound Therapy.

Hands Connecting

In each of these healing practices and our community gatherings, I am a practitioner as well as a receiver.  I regularly seek and receive healing and massage so that I can continue to be an effective healer.  I am happy to be able to offer what I myself have received.

Welcome, dear ones!  I am delighted that you are here!

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