Swedish Style

Deep Tissue - Shoulder
Release, Relax, Renew

60-Minute Swedish Massage  

Monthly Wellness Plan
(Card on File Billed Monthly) — $80

Single Session Rate
(Paid at the Time of Service) — $95

This Western-style massage is offered using hypoallergenic lotion with skin-on-skin contact.  We can focus attention on one or two areas, or request shorter times on multiple areas of your body.  This is excellent for a gentle relaxation of the whole body or for deeper work on particular areas. The shorter session is an excellent introduction to massage or reminder of how lovely it can be to receive touch of a therapeutic nature.

90-Minute Swedish Massage

Monthly Wellness Plan
(Card on File Billed Monthly) — $105

Single Session Rate:
(Paid at the Time of Service) — $ 120

Deep Tissue - Hand
This longer, Western-style massage allows your whole body to receive optimal care and allows us time for focusing on particular areas for deeper work.  You might ask me to give special attention to your back, shoulders and arms, for example, if your work requires many hours on the computer or lifting.  As a nurse, caregiver, or warehouse worker, you might find extra attention on your legs, feet and glutes particularly helpful.


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