Nature’s Wisdom

The wisdom of the natural world is beyond compare!  I am so grateful for the gifts and wisdom found in the everyday.  My connection with the natural world has a profound impact on my healing work through Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Counsel, and has deep influence on the ways we center our community through Fire and Drumming together.

During the summer, we often walk barefoot in the garden watching the bees, butterflies and dragonflies swoop and flutter about. In autumn, we delight in the abundance of our pumpkins, corn, grapes and apples as we gently prune back the growth from the seasons of plenty.  In mid-winter, we bundle up in our wool prayer blankets and watch the snow and ice accumulate all around.  Then, springtime returns and the emerging leaves remind us that all things will be made new.  No matter the season, there are reasons to give thanks for the gifts of life and wisdom offered by the plants, animals and weather patterns.

My time in the garden influences the way I engage with spiritual traditions.  Since I was very young, I have recognized each plant, animal, earth being and weather pattern as a revelation of Divine Love.  When I was a child, I connected with Divine while knee-deep in the creeks surrounded by salamanders and frogs.  I sang with the birds and greeted the clouds and danced in the puddles and rain.  That child-like wonder has never ceased to exist in me despite growing into a full-fledged adult.

Even as I made my way through my bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Master’s in Theology and Ministry, still, the wisdom of the natural world called to me.  I was trained in the preaching and teaching of the Christian tradition that had deep roots in a variety of progressive, ecumenical and traditional thought.  I studied the writings of mystics throughout the history of the broad-spectrum Church.  Still, my heart embraced a greater Mystery than is taught in many schools and congregations in the Christian way.

I am grateful for my time in Christian ministry, as it gave me a strong platform from which to leap into the stratosphere of deep mystic communion.  I believe the Christ-lens will always have some influence on the way I perceive the world — for Jesus taught that Divine Love is everywhere.  Through his parables, we are taught to love Divine, to love our neighbor, and to embrace the wisdom found in the natural world and everyday experiences.

After my father passed a few years ago, I shifted my focus and energy from congregational healing back into the natural world.  It was like coming home to myself.  It was also a way to also honor the time we worked together in the gardens of our neighbors and friends in our family yard maintenance business.  When you see me today for spiritual counsel, the wisdom that is shared flows forth from deep roots of the natural way and the insight gained from my time in the Christian tradition.

I will, as far as I can tell, always have the desire to be Christ-like in my presence of love, light and healing.  I will always strive to honor our Mother Earth, Father Sun and all of the Beings of Divine Love and Mystery found in the world all around us.  I will do my best to connect a little more each day with the wisdom of the natural world in the tiniest of creatures to the mightiest of trees and mountains.  And I will offer to you whatever this connection brings to me.  My desire is to be a conduit of Divine Love and Healing, no matter where life’s pathway takes me in my training and initiation.  In this way, I hope to bring my little bit of harmony and balance to the greater Song of the Dancing Heart.