Resistance and Winter’s Gift

Last night I had the deep blessing of sitting with one of my soul-sisters around a prayer fire.  Sharing of love and gratitude blended with concerns and grief over the shifting winds in our world.  Today, my husband and I began watching “The Man in the High Castle” — an alternate-reality series depicting the history of America if the Nazis had won WWII.  In the … Continue reading Resistance and Winter’s Gift

Women: Come, Sit by the Fire

Listening to the eruption of fireworks and the popping corks of champagne and sparkling cider, we heard Wind gently whisper our name. During the dancing and dining of holiday gatherings, Spirit lightly tapped us on the shoulder.  In the spaces between the hum of sewing machine, the bustling of shopping and baking, the crinkling of wrapping paper and the craziness of traffic, Breath stirred deep … Continue reading Women: Come, Sit by the Fire

Gratitude for the Divine Feminine

In our front room, where prayer candles are lit, turtles of many sizes, shapes and hues dance along our mantle-top altar, carrying our prayers on their backs to the realm of Divine Love.  On either side of the prayer mantle stand two glorious plant spirits, reminding us of our connection with the natural world.  They are joined by yarn paintings and beaded gourds of thunder … Continue reading Gratitude for the Divine Feminine