Fire Connects us All

Sometimes I have a desire to paint, but have not a vision of what the canvas wants.  Rather than throwing in the towel, in such times, it’s helpful to do a little prayer coloring.  I have also found it helpful to throw paint, dance, garden, go for a run, drum with fervor, or to scribble if there is stuck emotion or energy.  This is all … Continue reading Fire Connects us All

Women: Come, Sit by the Fire

Listening to the eruption of fireworks and the popping corks of champagne and sparkling cider, we heard Wind gently whisper our name. During the dancing and dining of holiday gatherings, Spirit lightly tapped us on the shoulder.  In the spaces between the hum of sewing machine, the bustling of shopping and baking, the crinkling of wrapping paper and the craziness of traffic, Breath stirred deep … Continue reading Women: Come, Sit by the Fire

November Women’s Fire

Women of the East and West of the Willamette, you are invited to join your soul sisters in sacred space.  Come to our newly created Dancing Heart Hearth – our backyard fire pit – for a time of laughter, sharing, joys and sorrows.  Join us this afternoon for a women’s circle in the presence of Fire. This is a time to warm our hearts and hands … Continue reading November Women’s Fire

Broken and Brightly Lit

This is a fire log.  I tried three times to light a similar one today with rather sad results.  It didn’t respond particularly well to the matches, even though I had precisely followed the directions on the package.  “Lights fully in less than five minutes!” the package boasted.  “Beautiful fire lasting for three whole hours!”  Despite these words across the brightly colored packaging, this self aggrandizement … Continue reading Broken and Brightly Lit

Autumn Women’s Fire

What a joy it is to enter the season of autumn!  As the nights begin to lengthen and the sun makes its annual journey towards the southern hemisphere, we in the Pacific Northwest prepare for the coming rains.  A chill settles in swiftly upon the setting of the sun, and the east winds hint at the coming winter. Having just past the autumn equinox a … Continue reading Autumn Women’s Fire