Dancing Heart Turtle Drum

There is nothing quite like a drum circle to shift energy and help us reconnect with one another!  Some people connect with Spirit and with one other in quiet, reflective settings.  Other people need movement, music and dancing.  At the Dancing Heart Turtle Drum, we offer both.

We Gather Together

We gather in community to celebrate the Sacred.
We connect with one another and welcome Divine into our midst.
We invite Healing: for one another, for ourselves and for Mother Earth.

All spiritual traditions are welcome.

What is the Dancing Heart Turtle Drum Like?

Times of furious rhythm and heart-pumping dance will naturally give way to softer moments and times of introspection and calm.  As we gather and during the quieter times, we will set intention, listen to Spirit and listen for the gift of a new rhythm which may flow from anyone in the circle.  There is an ebb and flow to this Circle of Spirit.

A presence of strength and power combine with a softness where the intention is to listen and reconnect.  This is why the Turtle is the animal that holds our drumming space.  Turtle is the perfect blend of strength and vulnerability.  This is what we desire to cultivate in our community drum circles.

Each person who comes to the circle has a beautiful harmony to offer in the Song of the Dancing Heart.  We do not try to play louder than the other people around us, but we also want to play our part with confidence.  We want to hear each part of the Heart’s Song that is being played.

Dancing Heart Turtle Drum is based on a the Turtle Spirit Jam community in Seattle which was led for nine years by our friend, Tasara.  Although her jam has come to an end, she still has great resources online to help us find our rhythm together.  On her website, click on the links to the right labeled “How to Drum with Turtles” and “Drum Circle Etiquette for Beginners” to learn more.  This will help you prepare for the gathering at Song of the Dancing Heart.

Don’t know how to drum?  Or has it been a while since your hands have connected with the drum skin?  No worries!  Come a little early to learn from drummer and circle facilitator, Matthew Wynne.

Who will I see at the Dancing Heart Turtle Drum?

Matt - Drumming Facilitator

Our circle is facilitated by my partner, Matthew Wynne.  Matthew has been playing drums, facilitating community circles and offering sound bath experiences for over two decades.  He has a way of drawing out the best drummer in everyone, and he is skillful in his guidance of circles with compassion and encouragement.

Matthew may invite you to play a little louder or a little softer so that each person in the circle can be heard.  If you are struggling to find the rhythm, he may draw nearer to you and help your hands and ears tune to the flow of the circle.  He always aims to do this in a warm, inviting way that draws us each into the community spirit.

Dancing Heart Turtle Drum (2)

Opening and closing ceremony or centering time will be led by me, (Trista Wynne).  Connecting with Spirit and community comes naturally to me.  As we gather, I will help us to breathe deeply and to find our bearings together through a time of quietude or guided meditation.  Once we are all fully present, I will invite Matthew to set a heart-beat rhythm and we will see where Spirit leads.

As our time in the evening draws to a close, either Matthew or I will sound the singing bowl.  Once more, we will all return to our breath, our heartbeat and our internal rhythm, noticing any shifts that have occurred in our energy levels. Our circle is closed in community gratitude.  We will pack up our instruments and prepare to enter the world once more – now renewed and rejuvenated, ready for the coming months.

We look forward to drumming and dancing with you!

On special occasions, often quarterly, we offer the Dancing Heart Turtle Drum for our local community. This is a safe space where all people are welcome.

Drum Circles are held either in our Gresham home or in the fellowship hall of our beloved faith community: Gresham United Methodist Church

Our first gathering of 2019 will be on New Year’s Day.

People of all ages and experience levels are welcome!

~ A $5 donation is encouraged ~
More if you have it, less if you don’t.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds!