Rekindling the Fire and Song Within

We live in a place where body, mind and spirit are in disharmony. 

Massage, meditation, community fires, and music help to reconnect the parts of ourselves that have been existing in discord.  They help us rediscover our heart’s song.

Welcome to Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC!

Here, the heart is nurtured through movement, massage, meditation,
spiritual counsel, community building and music.

Welcome to this space to rekindle, reconnect, restore, remember and renew!

You are welcome!  All are welcome here!

~ Holistic Healing and Community ~

Rekindles our Sacred Fire.

Renews our Spirit Dreamer and Dancer.

Reconnects us with the Rhythm of Life.

Restores Balance, Joy and Harmony.

Reminds us of our part in the Song of the Dancing Heart.

Why the Song of the Dancing Heart?

We live in times of uncertainty, fear, tension and struggle with our identities.  I believe we were each given a part of the Great Song that has flowed throughout the cosmos from the Time before Time.  In our society, we have learned to ignore the body, to push through our pain, to strive for financial goals at the expense of relationship and spiritual connection.  On account of this societal training, our inner fire has cooled and we have nearly forgotten who we are.

Our individual heart’s song, which naturally wants to harmonize with other hearts, often goes unnoticed.  In many cases this leads to disharmony in body mind and spirit.  It is my hope that as we work, relax and move together, we will breathe, laugh, stretch and re-open to what I call the “Song of the Dancing Heart”.

Our friends of the Sacred Fire Community say that our Heart Song is rediscovered, and our inner fire rekindled, in the exploration and embrace of the Sacred.  I have found that this is best done both with a combination of individual healing and community connections.  Below are some ways that we can work together to rediscover the Song of the Dancing Heart.

~ Learn More ~

On the top menu or the blog links to the right you’ll find more information regarding various healing sessions for individuals.  Community circles and small group healing sessions are available as well.  Sound Therapy (in the form of Sound Baths or Gong Meditation) is beneficial either as an individual healing session or for small group wellness and reconciliation.

~ Joy for the Journey ~

As you explore this site, you will find photography and reflections of the natural world, art and music of a sacred nature as well as invitations to join in your own connection to the Divine.  May our time together, both online and in-person, help you to find healing, comfort, community and peace as you journey through the pathway of life.


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