Massage, Reiki, Spiritual Care and Community

Dancing Heart Turtle Drum (2)
Trista Wynne MA, LMT

Welcome, dear ones!  My name is Trista.  I’d like to help you rediscover your Heart’s Song through Holistic Healing and Compassion Care for body, mind and spirit.

Physical Care: I am the Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist here at Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC. I share space with a great Chiropractor and Licensed Acupuncturist at Embrace Wellness Chiropractic in Tigard.  A graduate of the Oregon School of Massage, I have been trained in providing Integrative Healing Modalities.  I am skilled in providing Shiatsu & Swedish Massage.  I also offer Deep Tissue Therapy, On-Site Chair Massage or Myofascial Release when needed.

Emotional Wellness: Quieting the mind and centering our spirit is an important part of healing.  I am skilled in leading individuals as well as groups in Calming Meditation Techniques.  I have been trained by a Reiki Master and have been practicing Reiki for over five years, and often incorporate this healing modality into my massages.  I am also a teacher of the mindful practice of Shibashi as Body Prayer, and have been offering small and large group instruction and guidance of Shibashi for over a decade.

Deep Listening: Connecting the body, mind and spirit is a part of my healing practice.  When you are open to this kind of work, together we explore relationship with Divine, Self and Other.  Listening to what is being presented in a holistic way — in the realm of our bodies, in the context of thoughts and emotions —  and seeing how this connects to our spiritual journey can help us connect to the Living World and to our Ancestral Relations.  Sometimes this listening comes through speaking together, sometimes through holding space together in a quiet, intentional way, and at other times, this flows best through sitting together around the fire or in a place of nature.  Intentional listening can open the pathways for deep healing to occur.

Our Healing Journey
How can I help you today?

Spiritual Connections: I hold a Master’s Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary where I expanded my understanding of the Arts of Pastoral Care, Theology and Ministry.  My continuing education and work as a Hospice Caregiver have granted me Experience and Specialty in Grief and Trauma Compassion Care.  Connections with the Wisdom of the Natural World are at the heart of my spiritual journey.

Holistic Care for the Whole Person: I specialize in creating a space where spiritual and emotional healing can flow through massage, guided meditation, breathing exercises and spiritual counsel.  Connecting with Divine through the natural world and the Elemental Forces helps me to bring forth gifts of healing, balance and peace.  This is where I find the Song of the Dancing Heart in my life’s journey.

Welcome, dear ones!  I am glad you are here!

Let’s spend some time together seeking healing and true wellness.

~ Trista Wynne, MA, LMT – 023280 ~

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Here at Song of the Dancing Heart Healing Arts, LLC
Nourishing Touch, Compassionate Care
and Holistic Healing flow freely

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