Holistic Healing through Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Care

Update for July of 2022:

Dear ones, Song of the Dancing Heart, has a new home in Tillamook, Oregon.

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Rediscover your Heart’s Song through our time together. Nurturing Touch, Compassionate Care and Holistic Healing awaits you. All people, regardless of gender, race, spiritual practice or ability are welcome here.

Alegra Lynne
(formerly known as Trista Wynne)
MA, LMT, End-of-Life Doula,
Reiki Master

I am the Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist here at Song of the Dancing Heart, LLC. During the week, (usually in the afternoons and evenings) I offer home visits in the Gresham area, focusing my care on elders and those in hospice care. I also provide compassionate care for people who are experiencing a time of grief and loss. My gentle presence and healing modalities have provided relief and comfort for many who are living with chronic pain or fatigue or autoimmune disorders.

You may follow the links in the drop-down menu above to access my healing modalities and see my rates. Or, you can read on to learn more about my background and training in holistic care of body, mind and spirit.

Physical Care:  I am a graduate from the Oregon School of Massage. There, I was trained in providing Integrative Healing Modalities for physical wellness.  I am skilled in providing Shiatsu & Swedish Massage.  I also offer Deep Tissue Therapy, On-Site Chair Massage or Myofascial Release when needed.

Our Healing Journey
How can I help you today?

Emotional Wellness: Quieting the mind and centering our spirit is an important part of healing.  I am skilled in leading individuals as well as groups in Calming Meditation Techniques and Introspective Listening.  Tending our heart is as important as tending the body.

Working with our energetic expression is also very valuable. I was trained by a Reiki Master and have been practicing second level Reiki for nearly a decade, and often incorporate this healing modality into my massages. 

Assisting with group connections of body, mind and spirit has been a large part of my training. When I was in early college years, I learned the soulful practice of Shibashi as Body Prayer. Shortly therafter, I was invited to become an instructor in this art. I have been offering small and large group instruction and guidance of Shibashi for over a decade.

Deep Listening: Connecting the body, mind and spirit is a part of my healing practice.  When you invite me to work with you in this way, we explore relationship with Divine, Self and Other.  We listen deeply.

Listening to what is being presented in a holistic way — in the realm of our bodies, in the context of thoughts and emotions —  and seeing how this connects to our spiritual journey can help us to heal.  Sometimes this happens through conversation in my healing space. Sometimes we hold space together in a quiet, intentional way. At other times, this flows best as we sit together around the fire or in a place of nature.  Intentional listening, one-on-one, or with community, can open beautiful pathways for deep healing to occur.

Tender of Fire

Spiritual Herritage: I have a heart for people and a deep appreciation of spirituality in many forms. My own path has deep roots in the Christian tradition, an upbringing in an ecumenical setting and has branched out into a ministry of interfaith healing and nurturing. Some might consider me a Mystic in the Christian tradition. Others might call me a Shaman. And others call me Teacher or Healer. I am one who walks in the footsteps of Jesus and has deep connection with the Natural World as a manifestation of Divine Love.

Along my spiritual pathway, I received a calling to serve as a Granicera, (one who has deep relationship with the Weather and Natural World) in the tradition of the Nahua people of Mexico. In this tradition, I have been fully initiated, which means I have committed to a lifelong relationship which continuously deepens connections with Divine and the Natural World. This dedication and continuous learning is at the heart of my spiritual journey.

My companions and I offering joy and gratitude in Tradition of the Nahua people in Mexico
– Spring Cermonies 2019 –

I was brought to this tradition through my learning and service of the Sacred in my understanding of the Heart of Christ. I hold a Master’s Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary where I expanded my understanding of the Arts of Pastoral Care, Theology and Ministry. I have served in several denominations within the family of Christian Traditions over the years and hold a deep reverence and passion for pastoral care and counseling. Assisting people of all ages to find their spiritual path and unfold their gifts has always been a large part of my calling. I go where Spirit leads me.

“Eucharist – A Meal of Thanksgiving”
– Photo by Trista Wynne – 2013 –

End of Life Care: Life has presented me with the beautiful opportunity to sit with those who are dying. I have received training as an End of Life Doula through INELDA – The International End of Life Doula Association. My ministry years brought me to the bedside of many people who were very ill or on hospice care.

Part of my ministry training was serving as a Stephen’s Minister — offering lay counsel and comfort through transitional times in many people’s lives. This training deepens a minister’s compassion and provides a foundation for deep listening without damaging effects upon the guide.   Over the years, I have received continuing education and worked as a Hospice Caregiver which has granted me experience and specialty in Grief and Trauma Compassion Care.

Holistic Care for the Whole Person: I care for people in many ways. Sometimes this takes the form of individual sessions of Massage, Reiki or Spiritual Counsel. Other times, it comes through ceremonial leadership. Still other times, my compassionate care flows through connections around the fire, in nature, or within a communal gathering for musical expression. There are many ways to heal.

I specialize in creating a space where spiritual and emotional healing can flow through Massage, Guided Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Spiritual Counsel. Connecting with Divine through Ceremony, Song, Experiences in the Natural World and Dancing with the Elemental Forces helps me to bring forth gifts of healing, balance and peace.  This is how I remember the Song of the Dancing Heart in my life’s journey.

Drummer and Dancer

Welcome, dear ones!  I am glad you are here!

Let’s spend some time together seeking healing and true wellness.

~ Trista Wynne, MA, LMT – 023280, End-of-Life Doula ~

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Here at Song of the Dancing Heart Healing Arts, LLC
Nourishing Touch, Compassionate Care
and Holistic Healing flow freely

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