Compassion Care & Spiritual Counsel

Sometimes our pain has roots that run deeper than physical injury or illness.  I listen to the intention and tone of your voice for the words of your heart.  I have received training as a minister in the Christian tradition, yet I have not been called “pastor” for a couple of years.  I honor my spiritual heritage and I am open to others.  I am steeped in a rich heritage of faith and yet my views often transcend the boundaries and labels we often find comforting, (and sometimes find confining) in our exploration of God and the Sacred Mystery known by many names.

I have spent much time being infused with the Christian mystics as well as with stories of many cultures, ancient and current.  In the writings of the mystics and the Sacred Stories of many cultures, I find a plethora of ancient poets, writers, healers and leaders who found themselves drawn to the Sacred in ways that were beyond the traditions in their times.  I have found some of their writings very helpful in giving my heart direction as I explore faith and spirituality.  Although not currently serving in a particular congregational atmosphere,  I remain gently pastoral in nature and this informs my approach to holistic healing.

As a former nanny and a hospice caregiver, I am experienced in listening to the needs that are unspoken.  I listen with my hands, with my sight and with my heart.  A session of Reiki, some time with Guided Meditation and listening together to our hearts for Spiritual Counsel can help us become more aware of the root causes of our physical pain.

The feeling of strain in your hands might come from being overworked, but it might also come from holding onto a relationship or past event that needs releasing.  Aches in your arms might appear after the loss of someone or something that you loved very dearly, someone you are no longer able to hold.  Pain in your upper back might be from carrying heavy boxes, or it might be that you are bearing “the weight of the world” on your shoulders.  Your knees might ache from the hike you took yesterday, or they might be signaling that you are walking on a road that is not designed for your spirit.  The list could go on.

I seek to integrate my training as a Spiritual Companion with my training as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  If you come to me for help with a physical ailment and my massage work is not alleviating the pressure or pain, I may suggest that we spend some time listening together in the emotional-spiritual realm.  Or, if you have tried other healing modalities to no avail, you may benefit from this heart-centered healing work.

I offer Spiritual Counsel and Reiki sessions at a sliding scale and suggested exchange.  If you feel this work may benefit you, please inquire to learn more.

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