Fire of the Divine Feminine

On the first Sunday of each month,
I host a fire circle at my home in Gresham

This was originally formed as a gift for “All who Identify as Female”. To meet a need presented in our community, this circle has expanded to include our folks who do not identify in the binary system. The description below will be updated as our community dialogues.

Our intent is to provide a safe place for Voices from the Margins to be heard. That is the reason this community was birthed. We hear, and respond to, the needs presented by the community around us.

Why for Women?

Women are natural caregivers – often putting others before ourselves, even to the point of neglecting our own needs.  This can lead to fatigue, anxiety and feelings of disconnection and resentment.  Because we give so much, it is imperative that we gather together in order to receive gifts of Divine Love – to be restored again!  We remember our heart’s song by connecting with other women in the Portland area around the sacred gift of Fire.

What Happens at a Women’s Fire?

We gather for dinner at 6:00, potluck style, to begin the process of re-connection.  (The main course is usually soup, and I often have homemade GF bread available.  Our guests are free to bring anything else!)  Then, around 7:00, we “heat things up” a bit as we make tea, have dessert (usually something with chocolate) and gather around Fire.

Fire is lit and we spend a bit of time in silence – listening.  Then, stories and laughter, concerns and joys, silence and song flow as naturally as the tendrils of smoke that dance with the winds.  Heart and intuition abound.  We listen and share as Spirit leads us to.  We connect with Mother Earth, connect with one another and connect with Divine naturally as we share in this beautiful fire circle.  The hearth is always open — arrive or depart at whatever time feels right for you.

Who can Come?

All who identify as female are welcome.  We celebrate and respect all spiritual traditions in our midst.  Fire is a gift for all people, yet Fire has special gifts for women.  Women gather around Fire to remember what it is to be Divinely Feminine.  Our cells, our sinews and our spirits are energized and restored through the warmth and community found as we gather with Fire.

How Can You Find Us?

Find our women’s circle on Facebook, (PDX Women’s Fire) or send me an e-mail (Dancing.Heart.Healer[at]gmail[dot]com) to receive our address.