About Me – Trista Wynne, LMT

Featured Massage Therapist: Trista Wynne, LMT-023280

I am the primary massage therapist for Song of the Dancing Heart.  A graduate of the Oregon School of Massage, I have been trained in providing integrative healing modalities such as Shiatsu, Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, chair massage, Reiki and calming energy work.   I also hold a Master’s Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary where I expanded my understanding of the arts of pastoral care, theology and ministry.  My continuing education and work as a hospice caregiver have granted me experience and specialty in grief and trauma compassion care.

Creating a space where spiritual and emotional healing can flow through massage, guided meditation, breathing exercises and spiritual counsel is my passion.  Connecting with Divine through the natural world allows me to bring forth gifts of healing and peace.  This is where I find the Song of the Dancing Heart in my life’s work.

I am delighted to work with you to rekindle and remember your heart’s song.  Healing of body, mind and spirit is my passion.  A former nanny, then minister and hospice caregiver, I have found myself in more recent years working with healers of the body in the realm of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.  I have seen children, elders and everyone in-between receiving healing, hope and holistic wellness through my offerings of Massage, Reiki, Meditation and Guided Release Techniques.  Healing is also found through our community building activities like drumming and fire circles.

In each of these healing practices and in our community gatherings I am a practitioner as well as a receiver.  I regularly seek and receive healing so that I can be an effective healer.  I am happy to be able to offer what I myself have received.

As always, all are welcome.  In my office and in my home, I welcome all genders, all races, all religions, all colors, all abilities.  Song of the Dancing Heart is a safe space.  Hatred and violence must be left outside of our space.  Breathe out and release.  Breathe in and receive.  Breathe deeply and embrace renewal, restoration and remembrance of the Sacred that is in and all around you.  Breathe deeply, dear ones.  All are welcome here.