Gratitude for the Divine Feminine

In our front room, where prayer candles are lit, turtles of many sizes, shapes and hues dance along our mantle-top altar, carrying our prayers on their backs to the realm of Divine Love.  On either side of the prayer mantle stand two glorious plant spirits, reminding us of our connection with the natural world.  They are joined by yarn paintings and beaded gourds of thunder … Continue reading Gratitude for the Divine Feminine

Call of the Mountain

Here, to the east of the hustle and bustle of Portland, Oregon lies a town from which the majestic mountain is always in view.  No matter which way you are walking or driving in Gresham, the presence of Mount Hood is not far away. Mount Hood is a powerful presence here.  His majesty fills the skies with awe.  Standing proud and strong, he welcomes visitors … Continue reading Call of the Mountain