A Shift in Seasons

As my husband and I tended the yard this weekend, trimming back the autumn plants that had been still flowering when I pruned before the winter’s hard freeze, we noticed a great deal of new growth just beginning to sprout.  Baby leaves, full of vibrant color are springing up this way and that, pushing hard to emerge from their sleep in the womb of our … Continue reading A Shift in Seasons

Moments of Peace

March! Crouching, pouncing with swiftness and ferocity, this month’s lion-like entry leaps upon me with an abundance of shifting and change. Some has been anticipated, some has not. Those things which I knew were coming still have surprised me in the speed at which they seemed to arrive. (Didn’t we just pass Christmas? I barely blinked and suddenly have found myself in March!)   Yet, … Continue reading Moments of Peace

Call of the Mountain

Here, to the east of the hustle and bustle of Portland, Oregon lies a town from which the majestic mountain is always in view.  No matter which way you are walking or driving in Gresham, the presence of Mount Hood is not far away. Mount Hood is a powerful presence here.  His majesty fills the skies with awe.  Standing proud and strong, he welcomes visitors … Continue reading Call of the Mountain