Winter Wellness 2020 – Tea

As the winds begin to swirl once more, they shift our beautiful Cloud Friends to another place where they can provide their precious life-giving fluids. I have noticed that the winter winds often bring with them a whole host of little beings that tend to catch in our throats. Whether we pick something up from a little one, experience some discomfort after a little winter … Continue reading Winter Wellness 2020 – Tea

Compassion is Rising

✨💥✨ Like the balloons in this picture, I believe that compassion is rising up all around us.  It certainly is present in my work!  I love what I get to do every day! ✨💥✨   Today is Thursday again, friends!  This is the day that I offer in-home compassion care and massage for elders and home-bound folks.  I’m in Tualatin in the morning and central Beaverton … Continue reading Compassion is Rising