Expressions of Grief


A short while ago, I opened the news feed on my Facebook page for a moment, and found that one of our beloved classmates has passed, rather suddenly, through the veil.  Our school is small; everyone knows everyone else.  Be still my heart; a fellow intuitive healer and wise being has gone to the next life.  As we wait to receive clarity regarding how this passage occurred, and we begin to wonder what kind of tribute will be offered for this being of light, we begin to share our feelings in person and online.  Here are my words of love for my fellow loving healers.

Grief is unbearable heartache
sorrow, loneliness.

Because you loved, grief walks
by your side.

Friends, there is no magic formula for the next steps along this journey. When the death of a loved one has occurred, we are thrown into a tumult of chaos and sorrow commonly known as grief. Everyone’s experience is unique to them. We cannot tell another person what is, and what is not, an acceptable way to grieve. Each person will grieve in their own way.

There are those who will say to you,
“Be strong.”
“Be brave.”
Do not heed them.

At this moment there is no
virtue in self-control.

It is impossible to handle
rationally your heavy emotional

As we process over tea, coffee and the internet space, we share our loving vibrations of energy, creating space for grief to flow.  There is no “right” or “wrong” in this space.  There is simply space to feel what we need to feel and say what we need to say.

Crying is a means by which
you work your way out of the
depths of despair.

Of course your weeping will not
bring back your loved one.
But that is why you cry.
Because you cannot bring your
loved one back to life.

Dear ones, let us be gentle with ourselves.  For whether we were intimately involved in the life of the one who has passed, or we knew him only for a brief time, our lives have been changed on account of his presence.  May we grieve fully, knowing that this is our expression of love and connectedness.  We will miss our fellow healer, classmate, student and friend.

*Quotes in Italics excerpts from Living when a Loved one has Died by Earl A. Grollman.  (Beacon Press.  Boston, 1995.)  Excerpts from pgs 14, 53 and 56.




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